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Mission Statement

Colchester-East Hants Public Library strengthens our communities by welcoming all to participate in the discovery, creation and sharing of ideas and experiences


Vision Statement

We are the heart of a vibrant community. We empower. We enrich. We inspire.


Our Core Values

Community Minded
We foster relationships with local organizations, businesses and residents in order to actively participate in the growth and development of our communities.

We enrich lives by facilitating creativity, exploration and cultural discovery through the provision of quality programming and resources.

Diversity and Inclusion
We are committed to fostering safe and inclusive spaces that are free from discrimination and harassment. We value individual needs, experiences and differences.

Equitable Access
We champion everyone’s right to fair and equitable access to library services.

We take responsibility for our actions and are committed to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Intellectual Freedom
We support and facilitate the free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society. We protect and respect each person’s right to privacy and choice, without fear of censorship or discrimination.

Staff Recognition 2018

staff rec 2018.JPG

Tiffany Bartlett (left), Regional Library Director, Erin MacPherson (2nd from left), 1st Vice - Chair of the Library Board, and Ruby McDorman (far right), Chair of the Library Board, pose with staff members who were recognized for milestone years of service.

From left to right: Charlene Brightman (middle), (10 years), Sheryl Robinson (2nd right), (20 years).

Missing from the photo: Denise Sheppard (5 years)

Congratulations and thank you for your dedication!

Staff Directory

Headquarters / Truro Branch

Administrative Services

Chief Executive Officer Tiffany Bartlett
Accounts Administrator Frances Dionne
Administrative Assistant Shelley Mattix
Administrative Clerk                                     Debbie McDougall

Adult Services

Head of Circulation & Adult Services     Lesley Brann
Adult Services Assistant Angela Headon
Adult Programming Assistant Tetyana Chernyavska
Serials Assistant Janet McLellan
Adult Services Clerks Tetyana Chernyavska
  Debbie McDougall
  Sylvia MacKenzie
  Naomi MacKinnon
  Patricia Thorsen
Interlibrary Loans Clerks Charlene Brightman
  Amy West
  Patricia Thorsen

Youth Services

Acting Head of  Youth Services Sarah Wood
Acting Youth Services Assistant Karen Smith
Children's & Outreach Programming Coordinator    
Teen Services Coordinator  Laura Miedema
Teen Programming Assistant  Shawn Boomer
Youth Services Clerks Debbie McDougall
  Debbie Prest
  Jean Thomas

Circulation Services

Adult Services Assistant                                           Angela Headon
Acting Youth Services Assistant Karen Smith
Circulation Clerks Christine Goodwin
  Debbie McDougall
  Debbie Prest
  Sheryl Robinson
  Jean Thomas
  Patricia Thorsen
Book Shelver TBA

Automated and Technical Services

Head of Systems & Technical Services Bill Morgan
Systems Administrator                                    Sylvia MacKenzie
Automated & Technical Services Clerks Brenda Clark
  Lori MacWha
Book Processors  
  Sheryl Robinson
  Patricia Thorsen


Electronic Services Librarian                         
Technology Programming Assistant Megan Cameron

Outreach Services

Books by Mail & Satellite Services Assistant  Charlene Brightman
Deliveries & Vehicle Maintenance Clerk       Jason Barnhill
Kennetcook  Christine Goodwin
Upper Stewiacke  Christine Goodwin


Security                                                        Paladin Security 


Elmsdale Branch
Branch Manager                                                 Patti Miller
Branch Assistant Melanie Good
Circulation Clerks Margot Bower
  Layne Ramberg
General Clerks                       Joseph Humphrey
Mount Uniacke Branch
Branch Manager                                                 Kim Legge
Branch Assistants                   Bernie Isles
  Karri Power


Stewiacke Branch
Branch Manager                                                Denise Sheppard
Branch Assistant Debbie Prest
Circulation Clerks Sharmon MacPhee
   Penny Colpitts


Tatamagouche Branch
Branch Manager                                                Desirée Jans
Branch Assistant Amy West
Circulation Clerks     Sharon Norman
  Debbie Plestid