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 3D Printer at the Colchester-East Hants Public Library


3D Printing at the Library

Our 3D printers, located in the MacQuarrie MakerLab, offer the ability to print objects from computer files. You can either create the file by using a program, such as Google Sketchup, or download a file from a website such as Thingiverse:

Who Can Print?

Designated library staff operate the 3D printer. You will also be
contacted when the object is ready for pickup.  

Completed projects will be kept for 30 days from the time you are contacted; if not picked up in that time, they will be considered "abandoned".

Due to limited staff resources,
printing times are limited to 3 hours per object. You will be contacted if modifications are needed to fit this parameter. 

Currently, all print will be done at the Truro branch in the Charlotte
and Malcolm MacQuarrie Maker Lab and at the Elmsdale branch.


Please Note:

Library staff does not create designs for you, but may help you get started using a 3D modelling program or searching for a model online.

The MakerBot Replicator 2 is a hobby grade 3D printer. The material used to print the objects is PLA (Polylactic Acid), a bioplastic made from corn starch and sugar cane. They are not intended for industrial use or construction; the library cannot guarantee the quality of the objects printed for such, or for any other use.

The Library takes no responsibility for projects that fail due to design flaws in the original 3D model (.stl format) file submitted. Also, equipment malfunctions may occur repeatedly and without warning.

Please allow ample time between submitting your file and your deadline.

Once printed, all project files will be deleted from library storage media.

Designs, which are protected by law, and/or could be viewed as obscene, and/or could be used for an illegal purpose (e.g. a weapon) will not be printed.



We offer a range of different filaments, in two different types of plastics; PLA and ABS. If you would like to specify a colour for your print, come on in and take a look at the samples we have available. Note: If you are interested in using a metal or wood filament, the fees and policies are subject to change.



The rate is $1.00 per printing hour (or part of an hour) for each object printed, e.g. a 10-minute object will be $1.00; a 70-minute object will be $2.00. Payment is due at the time of pickup.


Submit Your File:

Submit your project (in .stl format) via email:


Save it on a storage medium, such as a thumb drive, CDROM, or SD card, and drop it off at your nearest branch library. Staff will give you a receipt.

*Please substitute @ for (AT) when sending an email