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Looking to improve your child’s reading skills? Hoping your child will love to read? Wish your child had a grandparent living nearby?

Stewiacke Library is starting an Inter-generational Book Buddy Program where school-aged children will be paired up with a senior community member for an hour of games, reading, snacks and fun here at the library!!

Why is this important you ask?
Inter-generational projects have considerable benefits that include:

• strengthening communities to become more age-friendly by breaking down barriers between ages and stereotypes by one age group toward another

• promoting understanding, respect, and sharing of ideas, knowledge, and experience

• teaching the young about aging while teaching the aged about youth

• establishing relationships that help diminish the impact of declining physical and mental health on older people

• improving health outcomes and quality-of-life for the elderly

• building self-esteem and satisfaction for both age groups through the learning of new skills

Our first session will be Tuesday, September 24 from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The program will run every second Tuesday for a total of six sessions with the last one being held on December 3

Please contact the library at 902 639-2481 for more information or to take part in this exciting opportunity!


Newcomers are always welcome to all of the library's programs.

For more information please call 902-639-2481 or visit our website: