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OverDrive Help for Downloadable Audiobooks

Required software

Before you can download library audiobooks to your computer you need to install OverDrive Media Console onto your computer.


Go to and click on 'Help'. Click 'Software' and then choose 'OverDrive Media Console'. Follow the steps to download OverDrive Media Console (OMC) onto your computer.


Searching for and downloading audiobooks

1. Minimize the OMC software and visit our downloadable collection at

2. You can search for titles by entering the title/keywords in the search bar or choosing one of the options under “Audiobooks” in the menu toward the top of the screen. Audiobook titles will have a small picture of a pair of headphones in the top right hand corner of the book.

Mac users will require the MP3 format.

3. When you have found a title you want, select “Borrow.” If the title is already checked out, you may request it by selecting “Place a Hold.”

4. Choose “Colchester – East Hants Public Library” from the drop down menu. 

5. Enter your library card number and PIN number (your PIN number is usually the last four digits of your home telephone number.

6. The book will now appear in your bookshelf. You can download the title using the “Download” button next to the item. Select ‘Open’ on the pop up window. OMC will automatically open, bringing up a “Get Media” window. Click OK. A screen showing the different parts to the book available for download will appear. Click OK. The book will begin downloading onto your computer. If the option to “Open” the file does not appear, choose “Save As” and make sure to save it to your desktop so you know where it is. Drag and drop the audiobook from your desktop into OMC to open the file.

7. Once downloaded, use OMC to play your audiobook, transfer it and burn the book (if available).

Transferring an audiobook to an iPod/mp3 Player

1. In OMC, select the book you want to transfer. Click the Transfer button in the menu across the top of the OMC window. The OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard opens.

2. Connect your device and press “Next”. If your device is a supported device, you will be prompted to select book parts to transfer. Click “Next”. The book is then transferred to your portable device.

3. On a PC, click “Safely Remove Hardware” icon next to the time on your taskbar. Then click the “Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device” box. When you see “Safe to Remove Hardware”, you may detach your device from your computer. On a Mac eject the Reader using the Finder before unplugging. Detach the Reader from your computer.


For iPod Users, your iPod must be set to “Manually Manage Music” in iTunes for transfers to work.

~Audiobooks can be downloaded for 7, 14 or 21 days.

~MP3 Audiobooks can be returned when you are finished by selecting “Delete” from OMC.

~If you are able to renew your item, the ‘Renew’ option will appear next to your item in your bookshelf approx. 3 days before the item is going to expire.

~MP3 Audiobooks can be downloaded to mobile devices such as Blackberry devices, Windows Mobile iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Phone and Android phones using the OverDrive Media Console App



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