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How do I borrow an eBook?

*Note - these instructions are for borrowing and reading an eBook on your computer. To learn how to borrow eBooks for your mobile device, please click on the appropriate walk through on the left hand side of this page**

-Browse our downloadable collection by visiting

NOTE - you can choose to borrow books for 7, 14 or 21 days. To ensure you borrow a book for the desired length of time, visit and BEFORE browsling for a book, click 'Account' at the top of the screen and log in. Choose 'Settings' and then select the loan period you would like.

1. If the item is available, there will be an icon of a book (for eBooks) or a pair of headphones (for audiobooks) at the top right of the book cover. A shaded in icon means the book is available. A greyed out icon means the book is unavailable. If the book is available, click the button that says 'Borrow'.

2. Enter your library card number and PIN number (usually the last four digits of your home phone number).

3. Click 'Download'

6. Choose 'open' on the pop up window'. If you are not given that option, choose 'save' (we recommend making sure you save the 
item to your desktop so you can find it later).


(click to enlarge picture)

7. Minimize your internet browser window

8. Open Adobe Digital Editions

9. If you chose 'save' Drag/Drop the borrowed library book onto the opened Adobe Digital Editions screen.


(click to enlarge picture)

10. If you chose 'open' Adobe Digital Editions will automatically open the eBook.


(click to enlarge picture)

11. You can now read your borrowed eBook

**For information on how to transfer your eBook onto an eReader click 'eReaders' on the left hand side of this page**