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OverDrive Help for Mobile Device

 You can download mp3 audiobooks and eBooks directly to many mobile phones and tablets including (but not limited to):

Android phones & tablets
iPad / iPhone
Kindle Fire
Windows phones & tablets

Required Software and Authorization

1. Before you can download library books to your mobile
device, you will need to install the OverDrive Media
Console app. To do this tap the app store icon for your
device and type OverDrive into the search menu. Once
the OverDrive app is located, follow the steps to
download it to your device.

2. When you open the OverDrive app for the first time,
you will be asked to sign up for an OverDrive account.
Tap Sign Up if you do not have an account and fill in the
form. If you have an account tap Sign in.


Add Colchester - East Hants Public Library
(CEHPL) to Your Library List

1. Open the menu and select Add a library.

2. In the “Search” field enter Colchester - East Hants
Public Library and tap Search

3. Tap the entry for CEHPL and then the 'star' next to
Nova Scotia Public Libraries. This saves the Library to
your Library list.


Selecting a Lending Period

*Note: ebooks can be borrowed for 7, 14 or 21 days. You
should select a desired loan period before signing a book
out. To do this:

1. Tap Sign In and then enter in your library card and PIN
(last 4 digits of your phone number).

2. Tap the "menu icon", then "my account" and then "settings"

3. Under Lending Periods choose either 7, 14 or 21


Searching For and Downloading Titles

1. Search for titles you are interested in

2. When you have found a title you want, select Borrow.
If the title is already checked out by someone else, you
may request it by selecting Place a Hold.

3. Choose Colchester-East Hants Public Library from
the drop down box and then tap Go

4. Enter your library card number and PIN (last 4 digits of
your phone number). Select Sign In.

5. To view the book, select "Go to Loans"


6. Select "Download" to download the item onto your device.


Returning Books

eBooks and audiobooks expire on their due date, but you
can return them prior to that if you are using the mobile
app. This allows someone else to enjoy the book when
you are finished.

1. While viewing your Bookshelf, press and hold the
book you would like to return.

2. Choose Return to Library. That way someone else
can enjoy the book.

~ eBooks and audiobooks cannot be renewed.
~ A limit of 10 items can be out to you at one time.

Printable Instructions