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Rules and Regulations for using Electronic Resources


  • Library Catalogue terminals are available in each branch and at the satellite sites. You may perform searches on available databases, but keep in mind that other patrons are waiting and searches should be kept short. These terminals are the only access to our catalogue of holdings. No chat line use is permitted.


  • The other public access terminals are available for 1/2 hour sessions except in the Elmsdale Learning Centre at the Elmsdale Branch where sessions are for 1 hour. PC Reservation, an internet booking software, regulates sessions at the Truro and Elmsdale branches. At other branches reservations are taken at the Circulation Desk on a same-day basis and may be made in person or by phone. Users may reserve only one 1/2 hour session in any 24-hour period. At all branches, latecomers (10 minutes) forfeit their reserved time. Bookings may be cancelled without notice if there are problems with the computer system.


  • Library staff reserve the right to confirm the ID of individuals with computer bookings.


  • You may not use your own software, including CD-ROMs, on library computers. Individuals found doing so may lose their computer privileges.


  • You may supply your own disks, or buy them at the Circulation Desk for $1.50.


  • Your conversation should not disturb other library users.


  • Due to heavy workloads, library staff are unable to provide more than basic assistance with electronic resources.


  • CEHRL does not monitor, and has no control over, the information accessed through the Internet, and cannot be held responsible for its content. The Internet and its resources may contain material of a controversial or mature nature. Remember that this is a public place used by people of diverse backgrounds and ages. Please be sensitive to their reactions to what you are viewing. There are information resources on the Internet that are inappropriate for viewing in a public setting.  Library staff reserve the right to end Internet sessions when such material is displayed.