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754 Prince Street
Truro, Nova Scotia
B2N 1G9

Administration: (902) 895-0235
Toll-free (Within Atlantic Canada): 1-888-632-9088
Email: anstc(AT)
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Chief Executive Officer
Tiffany Bartlett
Email: tbartlett(AT) 
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Head of Adult and Circulation Services
Lesley Brann
Email:  lbrann(AT)
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Head of Youth Services
Jennifer Atkinson
Email: jatkinson(AT)
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Head of Systems and Technical Services
Bill Morgan
Email:  bmorgan(AT)
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Public Services Librarian
Sarah Wood
Email:  swood (AT)
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Facts at a Glance
  • Public library service for the Colchester-East Hants began in 1950
  • Moved from an 1855 building to its present quarters in the Regional Centennial Memorial Library building in 1968
  • HQ Staff provides support for the branches and outreach services, i.e. Staff
    • Works with the Library Board to assess library service and plan improvements and new initiatives
    • Administers the disbursement of funds in accordance with the board-approved budget
    • Selects, trains, and supervises staff
    • Selects, acquires, and processes library materials
    • Repairs damaged materials; discards worn out, dated materials
    • Coordinates collection rotations among service outlets
    • Administers the request and interlibrary loan services which give you access to the library's full collection and to those of other libraries in the province and beyond
    • Selects, acquires, and maintains computer systems
    • Maintains the online catalogue of the Library's collection
    • Creates and maintains the Library's web site
    • Talks and works with individuals and groups to assess community needs and to develop partnerships for resource-sharing, programming, and fundraising
    • Develops and delivers programs for youth, including visits to schools throughout the region, to promote reading and public library service
    • Develops and delivers training in information technology for the public and staff
    • Cleans and maintains the Truro Branch/HQ building and library vehicles and ensures their security