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General Library Rules

The library is intended for the public use of library materials and services.

To ensure that the library is an enjoyable experience, we ask that everyone cooperate with the following rules:

1.  Noisy or disorderly conduct, abusive, harassing, and offensive behaviour are prohibited.

2.  Those found stealing, damaging or defacing library property or materials will have their library privileges cancelled and may be prosecuted.

3.   Smoking is prohibited; snack food and non-alcoholic drinks with secure lids are allowed, except in designated areas.

4.  Parents and guardians of children are responsible for the supervision of their children in and about the library premises; children age 7 and under must be accompanied by an appropriate caregiver.

5.  Service animals are welcome in the library.  Other animals are allowed only during authorized programs.

6.  Shoes, shirts, and other appropriate attire must be worn.

7.  Soliciting, canvassing, or selling in and about the library premises is prohibited.

8.  Members of the public are not allowed in "staff only" areas unless authorized


Library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to modify their behaviour or to leave the library premises if they violate these rules.