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Borrowing Policies

Library collections are available to all library users without restriction. It is not the responsibility of the Colchester-East Hants Public Library or its staff to exercise a supervisory or restrictive role in determining which library resources young persons may use or access. Parents/guardians may wish to monitor the young person's selection and use of library resources.

How can I obtain a library card?

To register as a borrower and obtain a library card, go to your nearest branch library and present identification with your correct address. It is important to notify the library when you change your address, so that correspondence can reach you.

You may get a library card free of charge if you are a resident of Nova Scotia. Non-residents of Nova Scotia must pay a fee of $10.00 and will receive a temporary card.

If your card is lost or damaged, a fee of $2.00 will be charged for a replacement card.

We also have an institutional library card designed to support the needs of an institution or community organization. For information about institutional cards please contact the library: 902-895-4183 or 1-888-632-9088.

Is it necessary to present your library card when borrowing?

Yes it is necessary to present your library card to staff at the circulation desk when borrowing materials. The barcode and number on the card are specific to you and will ensure the security and privacy of your records. Adults and children are free to borrow any circulating item. The Library Board requests that parents/guardians wishing to restrict their children's borrowing privileges, do so on an individual basis. Those 13 years and up are registered as adults.

How many items can be borrowed?

A library card holder may borrow up to 50 items on his/her card. Magazines (with the exception of the current issues in the Truro Adult Department and in the Elmsdale Branch) may also be borrowed. There is also a large collection of audio books and videos from which to choose.

How long may items be kept?

Most material may be kept for three weeks. There are a few exceptions which include popular books (7 days), and books brought in from some other libraries through interlibrary loans (items borrowed from University libraries - 2 weeks). Summer loans for a longer period are also possible. Bookdrops are available in the Elmsdale, Mount Uniacke, Stewiacke, and Truro branches for returning borrowed library items when the library is closed.


Do I have to pay fines?

CEHPL is Fine Free

Effective April 28, 2020, CEHPL's Library Board passed a motion to eliminate late fees for library materials. Eliminating late fees ensures that we provide equal access to books and materials to every one of our patrons. 


Now that we no longer collect overdue fines, here's what you need to know about borrowing items from the Library:


  • We will continue to send borrower notifications to remind people about upcoming due dates and will continue to charge replacement fees if an item is lost or damaged.
  • All existing overdue fines have been forgiven, and blocked cards have been reset.
  • Items not returned after 30 days from the date they are due back will result in a replacement fee.

We are so excited to remove this barrier. Welcome to the (fine-free) Library!


Items may be renewed in person, by phone or through your account. Items that have holds placed on them and are waiting to be borrowed by someone else may not be renewed. Popular books with long waiting lists, and books received through the interlibrary loan service may not be renewed.

What happens if library materials are lost or damaged?

Borrowers will be charged replacement or repair costs for lost or damaged books, magazines, tapes, pamphlets, etc.