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Collections Development and Maintenance Policy - Historical Collection

Approved November, 2014



The purpose of the Historical Collection is to serve the community through the acquisition and preservation of material contributing to the knowledge of the Colchester-East Hants region. Emphasis will be given to acquisitions, which highlight the region's social, civic, religious, economic and cultural life and physical geography, both past and present. The collection may include materials about other jurisdictions, if they are related to the region or deemed, by library staff, to be of interest to residents.

The collection will be considered Reference and for use only in the library. Duplicate copies may be added to the circulating collections. If only one copy is available, preference will be given to making the item Reference.

Materials Collected

The collection will include, but will not limited to, books documenting local history and genealogy, microforms of local newspapers, brochures, pamphlets and programmes of events, historical atlases, maps, clippings, periodicals, and other items which library staff judge to advance the goals of the collection.

Writings of local authors, which are not about the Colchester-East Hants region, or part(s) thereof, and works of fiction are subject to the general provisions of the Collections Development and Maintenance Policy.

Historical objects are not generally collected. Archival collections of minutes, etc. from local groups are not accepted unless first approved by the Library's CEO or designate.

Items deemed too fragile or which require special storage will be added only with the consent of the Library's CEO or designate.



The library accepts donations of items and welcomes gifts of money to improve the collections.

Donated items are assessed to see if they are suitable for the collection and all gifts become the property of the library. A record of provenance will be kept on file for items donated to the library, clearly stating that the library is the owner of the item.

The library reserves the right to refuse a donation and to decide how funds gifted to the library are to be spent. Wishes of the donor, if expressed, are taken into consideration.

If the library decides an item will no longer be part of the collection, it can do with it as it chooses. This could include sale of the item, or gifting it to another organization.

Selection Responsibility

Materials are selected by library staff as designated in the Collections Development and Maintenance Policy.