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Safe Child Policy

It is the policy of the Colchester-East Hants Public Library that children seven years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or appropriate caregiver when using the library facilities. The parent or caregiver must take responsibility for that child's behaviour, safety, and the use of the library.

Philosophy Behind the Safe Child Policy

The Colchester- East Hants Public Library welcomes children of all ages. It is a doorway to life-long learning. The public library is, however, a public building which anyone may enter. It is for the safety of the children that we ask for supervision by a responsible caregiver for each child during the visit.

The library staff have many duties to perform in order to serve the library patrons of Colchester - East Hants. They are therefore unable to monitor the behaviour or whereabouts of all individuals within the library building. Staff do not take over parental responsibilities for the children who come to the library. Supervised programs are conducted, but we must ask that a parent or appropriate caregiver remain in the building in case of emergency.

Unattended Child

Definition: Young child unable to care for self who is left in the library (or alone in a department) for any length of time and during which the child wanders, is in distress, or creates a disturbance.

Children under the age of 12 who are not picked up by closing time are also considered unattended.