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Web Site Collection Development Policy

The Colchester-East Hants Regional Library has designed a web site that will highlight the library’s services and provide links to selected web sites in order to broaden, enrich, and complement the library’s print and audio-visual collection, thereby helping to meet the general informational, educational and recreational needs of the public served by the library.

The external sites selected for links are separate and independent from the library, which has no control over the information or content provided on external web pages. The links are made for the usefulness of the primary sites; not for their linked web sites.

Library staff examines web sites and consults reviews in professional publications and recommendations from other libraries to select sites for web page links.When evaluating sites, staff is looking for credibility, quality, and usefulness in meeting the needs of the
library public and staff. Specific factors are:

  • Access - stable sites, no fees required, consistently available
  • Content - authoritative, documented where necessary, accurate, updated regularly, appropriate for intended audience
  • Design - well organized, easy to use, clear instructions, graphics that enhance without cluttering or hindering the accessibility, usefulness, and enjoyment of the site

Preference may be given to educational (.edu), governmental (.gov), and non-profit organization (.org) sites

Web sites may not need to meet all the above criteria to be included.

All sites are reviewed, as staff time permits, for access, content, and design. The Colchester-East Hants Regional Library cannot be held responsible for the ever changing content of external web sites. When it is determined that a site is inactive or out-of-date or no longer meets the library’s selection criteria, the link to that web site will be removed.

Adopted by the Colchester-East Hants Public Library Board November 23, 2004 and revised January 2005.